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Atlas Shrugged Part II: d'Anconia Copper Blu-Ray

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The d'Anconia Copper Blu-ray contains the full theatrical release of Atlas Shrugged Part 2. Follow along as Dagny Taggart continues her search for the missing captains of industry, inventors, and other producers, and watch as the world spins further out of control due to an ever expanding, over reaching government. Plus enjoy behind-the-scenes special features and exclusive extras.

This Blu-ray is packaged in a very unique d'Anconia Copper embossed special edition metal STEELBOOK™ case. The d’Anconia Copper Blu-ray is not available in stores.

Exclusive Special Features Include:

  • "I am John Galt." fan video compilation
  • "Atlas" by Nomad slideshow
  • Behind the Scenes featurette
Atlas Society Special Features:
  • Three beautifully produced video commentaries with David Kelley
  • Exclusive interviews with the cast of Atlas Shrugged Part 2
  • Panel sessions from the 2012 Atlas Summit
Reason Special Features:
  • Reason.tv: What We Saw at the World Premiere of Atlas Shrugged Part 2
  • David Nott: Why Ayn Rand & Atlas Shrugged is More Controversial - and Relevant - Than Ever
  • Brian Doherty: How Ayn Rand Became the Original Radical for Capitalism
FreedomWorks Special Features:
  • One-on-one Matt Kibbe interview on why Atlas matters: "Atlas Today with Matt Kibbe"
  • Mashup video "Is Atlas Shrugging?"
  • “Behind the Scenes at Atlas Shrugged Part II with Michael Duncan”


Blu-Ray Details:
  • Format: Color, Dolby, Widescreen, NTSC
  • Language: English (DTS-HD and Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Subtitles: English (and Closed Captioning), Spanish
  • Region: Region Free (All Regions)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16X9 Letterbox (2.35:1)
  • Number of discs: 2; Disc 1 - Main Feature; Disc 2 Extended Bonus Features (DVD)
  • Rated: PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
  • Studio: Atlas 2 Productions, LLC
  • Blu-Ray Release Date: February 19, 2013
  • Run Time: 111 minutes

Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent job capturing the essence of Atlas Shrugged!

    Posted by Unknown on 01/31/2014

    Excellent job capturing the essence of Atlas Shrugged part 2 on screen. I have given four of these movies as gifts to friends who have never known Ayn Rand or thought to read her great works of literature and philosophy.

  2. A Birthday Gift to My Love!

    Posted by Terri Dewell on 10/13/2013

    Though I have not seen the Atlas Shrugged Package I purchased, He lives in Connecticut and I Live in Ohio, I saw the delight in his face as he opened the Gifts of Atlas Shrugged 2 and the Film Cell. We will be together in November for Movie Date Night!! :) Thank You!!

  3. Exceeds My Expectations

    Posted by David on 03/02/2013

    I now have ASI and ASII and am anxiously awaiting ASIII! Well done! I will treasure them always.

    I first became aware of the importance of America's founding on principles of freedom after reading Ayn Rand's books 50 years ago and I appreciate ASI&II's preserving Ayn's ideas, while portraying them in a modern setting.

  4. Great Package, Great Movie, Fantastic Book

    Posted by Richard on 03/01/2013

    I found the quality of materials used to produce the package very good. The Bluray did not come with many advanced features but most of the times I don't use them. I found the movie excellent. I know many have had issues with Actor changes but it did not take away from the film one bit and it can stand alone as it is. D'Anconia speach about the evils of money was something I was waiting for and the performance given by Esai Morales was Excellent. I turned around and purchased the Readen Metal Atlas Shrugged Part I edition when I realized PART III will probably be a Galt's Gold Edition. I can't wait.

  5. Excellent

    Posted by Unknown on 03/01/2013

    Excellent, thanks.

  6. Great story playing out before our eyes

    Posted by Unknown on 02/28/2013

    Hard to imagine that more than 50 years ago someone would imagine what is happening today.

    Powerful views on what are serious issues of today.

    Can not wait for Part III.

  7. Cautious tale of our times

    Posted by Steve Money on 02/28/2013

    This movie does a fantastic job of documenting how government can slowly and gradually take away our freedom in the name of "security." It amazes me how friends and colleagues that are very intelligent will advocate policies like 10-289 just because they seem like the right thing at the time.

    The most powerful statements from the movie involve scenes of economic and social destitution. People selling gas on the street, living out of shopping carts, transportation systems broken or shuttered, etc. demonstrate how societal breakdown is never far from the surface.

    Hopefully, Americans will wake up to the realization that government policies for the whole are NEVER solutions for individual problems or challenges. (poverty, education,employment, etc.)

  8. wake up America

    Posted by F A Smith on 02/27/2013

    Part II never misses a beat following the book to the letter. Written years ago yet living todays events. Look out America or we'll be no more!

  9. No doubt about it, ASII is the best so far!

    Posted by Unknown on 02/26/2013

    When I saw ASI I was somewhat disappointed, but with the understanding that in making a epic book into a limited movie there will always be compromises, I was thrilled to see one of my favorite books on film.

    With that stated first, I want to say how pleased I was with ASII. The production, the acting, the direction, and the script was so much better than ASI. The only thing that could have made it better was for ASIII to come out at the same time.

    To date I have purchased four copies for family and friends who are also very excited with this effort and are looking forward to III.

  10. Fast moving story

    Posted by MP on 02/26/2013

    Hard to follow from 1st movie, especially with an all new cast. A lot from the book was skipped which makes the story incomplete and jumps around without any base knowledge of who the characters are.

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